CuteClips 3.1.7

An original clipboard for Mac

With CuteClips2 you don't have to worry about searching for old content you copied just a minute ago, just because you also copied something else just some seconds ago. CuteClips2 keeps track of up to 12 clips you recently copied. You can easily access it by just pressing the shift key additionaly to the standard cmd-v. Select from the list which item you want to paste and a nice preview of every clip helps you finding your clip.


  • Keeps track of up to 12 elements of your copying history.
  • Preview for nearly everything copied.
  • Cute widget-like interface.
  • Easy to access via HotKey.
  • Edit title of clips
  • Stickies: keep clips you use often or even assign them shortcuts.
  • Pasting clips as Plaintext
  • Paste many entries in a sequence
  • Drag and drop clips
  • Search the clips by text